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Care & Warranty

Like you, your Sparro is destined for ambitious daily agendas. We've worked hard to ensure the best quality fabrics and smart design details feature in every Sparro, however, just like their impressive owners, Sparros are strong but not indestructible!

As such, adequate care underpins the promise of durability.

A Sparro SHOULD be:

  • Protected with a leather treatment spray before first use
  • Cared for with a lint roller or brush to remove any surface dust or dirt from the neoprene.
  • Zips lubricated regularly with paraffin wax (note: a beeswax candle, graphite pencil and even lip balm, will also work!)

A Sparro should NOT be:

  • Dry-cleaned, tumble dried or ironed
  • Soaked in water and/or harsh cleaners or detergents
  • Exposed to harsh surfaces, sharp objects, grease or oils
  • Left in the sun or exposed to long periods of UV rays - both of which can quickly compromise the quality of leather and neoprene.
  • Ignored! Particularly a pesky sticky zip. While an easy fix, left ignored things can escalate to a more permanent problem quickly. A broken zip is one #tailspin we all want to avoid! 


  • I leave something resting against the neoprene and it dents?  Don't despair, the dent will usually disappear after a few days.
  • I happen to mark or stain the neoprene? Try a quick spot clean by firmly blotting the fabric with a cloth dampened with cold water. *We recommend testing a small area of the bag before attempting to spot clean a larger surface of the Sparro.
  • Basic marks appear on the leather sections? Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • My Sparro gets really wet? Allow it to dry naturally – away from direct heat and sunlight.

Outstanding questions or awkward tailspins?

Contact and we'll do our best to de-ruffle those feathers and get you back to all the other stuff on your list!



We've put some serious hours into the design and manufacture of all Sparros, so the prospect of failure kinda breaks our heart, but hey, we're sure even Joan of Arc had the occasional hiccup...

If you think your Sparro is flawed by way of defective materials or workmanship under fair and reasonable use within 12 months of purchase, please contact We'll be devastated to hear your news, but will dust our wings off and do our darndest to sort it out - promise.

It goes without saying we've designed with durability and 'the daily hustle' in mind. However, our commitment to resolving concerns regarding the quality of your Sparro doesn't extend to damages resulting from misuse or abuse of the product. Nor does it cover normal wear and tear such as abrasion, scratches or fading - that 'ain't failure baby, that’s aging with character!

Furthermore, the Sparro product warranty does not extend to incidental or consequential damages, such as damage to, or loss of, the contents within your Sparro, loss of use, loss of time, or similar expenses.